Hunting Lodge
River Taxi
"Hunting is tough even for the young guys."
"View from one of the stands."
"One of our old growth cypress guarding the river entrance to the lodge."
"Save me some."
"Adam's First Hog with Muzzle Loader."
"Most definitely a Redneck."
"Nice hog, Gerry."
"Godfather of the Pig Maffia, Sab C."
"Redneck in Training."
"Our private 15-acre sandbar. (When the river is low.)"
"View of slough as departing from lodge."
"View of Cabin Driving Up."
"Living Room and Dining Room."
"Fully Equipped Kitchen."
"Extreme Relaxation."
"Spacious Living Room."
"Eastern Wild Turkey."
Anthony's Calico
Hog Heaven

Welcome to South Georgia

Happy Acres Expeditions hunts along the scenic Altamaha River basin. The Altamaha River has a very unique ecosystem. It has many different species including whitetail deer, Eastern wild turkey, American alligator, and of course wild boar. It also has many unique species such as the Bald Eagle, gopher tortoise, and quiet possibly the Florida Panther. The river is home to many types of fish (large mouth bass, striper, channel and flathead catfish, long-nose gar, and many types of pan fish). Some of the hunting land is only accessible by boat. As you can see from some of the pictures in the photo gallery, the river fluctuates in depth; therefore, the lodge sometimes becomes accessible only by boat. The river adds much adventure to the hunting experience of Happy Acres Expeditions.

Meet the Guide gary

Your hunting guide, Gary, has fulfilled his life-time dream of becoming a successful hunting guide. While growing up in Southeast Georgia, he has hunted just about any type of wildlife imaginable. It is his mission for you to have a successful hunt. The southern hospitality found in his guide service is second to none. Gary takes every measure possible to ensure that his clients have a great adventure.

Welcome To My Office

Altamaha River

Hog Only Hunts

Hog only hunts can be booked for three, four, and five days. These hunts are archery only (compound bow and crossbow). Hunting is from tree stands, ground blinds, and walk-and-stalk. Tree stands and ground blinds are strategically placed over feeders. Stalk hunts are done through feeding corridors. Fall restraint systems are provided and required to be used in all tree stands. These hunts are usually booked a year in advance. Hunts dates begin the last week of January and go through the first half of March. Hunts resume in the middle of May and run through the end of August. Lodging is included in all rates. Meals are available optionally. For more details on deposits, payments, dates, etc., see the rates page or e-mail the guide at

Hog / Deer Combo Hunt

This limited hunt is available in December only. During this hunt, hunters are not allowed to hunt over bait. Stands are set on food plots and travel corridors of both deer and hog. Therefore, hunters are allowed to use muzzle loaders and archery equipment on this hunt. Hunters are allowed to shot up to two (2) whitetail does, and an unlimited number of hogs. A big game and small game license is required for this hunt. License information can be found at A $1000 fine will be paid by anyone who harvests a buck on this hunt. For pricing see the rates page or form more details or to discuss this hunt, e-mail the guide at

Hog / Water Fowl Combo Hunt

These hunts only take place in January and only two dates are available each year. Both dates are archery only hunts. Hunts take place in and along the Altamaha River. Water fowl hunting will be done in the mornings and hog hunting in the afternoon/evenings. In the event that the water fowl limit is reached with time remaining in the hunt, the remainder of time will be spent hog hunting. License for this hunt will require: small game, WMA stamp, Georgia Water Fowl Stamp, and a Federal Water Fowl Stamp. Water Fowl species for the area include Wood Duck, Scaup, and Teal. Unfortunately, Mallards are not found in this area. Hog portion of the hunt will be based as described above. Water Fowl hunting will be in flooded timber and from blinds. Lodging is included in the price of the hunt. Meals can be provided optionally. For rates and more information see the rate page or e-mail the guide at

Hog / Catfishing Combo Hunt

This combo hunt can be booked for dates from February through March and May through August. Typically hunts will consist of hog hunting in the morning and afternoons/evenings and catfishing (bush lines and trout lines) will be set during the middle of the day and checked multiply times after dark. Possible catfish varieties include flathead, channel, and blue. Lodging is included in the price of the hunt. Meals can be provided optionally. For information on rates, specific dates, deposits, etc. see the rate page or e-mail the guide at

Catfishing Expeditions

This trip typically begins at 6:00pm and lasts for 8 hours. We will be catfishing in and along the great Altamaha River. Means of fishing can include bush lining, trout lining, and rod and real. All equipment and bait is provided. However, fishermen can choose to also bring their own favorites. There is a maximum of two fisherman allowed on this trip. Breakfast at the end of the trip and lodging are included. Mullet fishing can also be done during the summer months. For more information on rates, etc. see the rate page or e-mail the guide at

Public Land Hog Hunt

This extremely limited hunt takes place on public land. Dates for this hunt is limited to the month of April. Hunters stay in an outfitter's style camp. All camping equipment, with the exception of sleeping bags and personal items, will be provided for this hunt. All hunting is walk-and-stalk. Archery and muzzle loader only. This hunt could include a lot of walking in the heat; therefore, hunters should be in physical condition. There are no restroom or shower facilities on this hunt. Meals are included in the rate of this hunt. License for this hunt would require big game, small game, and WMA. For pricing see the rate page or for more information on this hunt e-mail the guide at

Alligator Hunts

Alligator hunts are one to three nights, depending on size of alligator to be harvested. One night only, meat alligator hunts allow the 100% opportunity for one alligator (4' to 7' 11") to be harvested. Trophy alligator hunts allow the 100% opportunity for one trophy alligator (8' to 10') to be harvested. For trophy alligators, larger than 10', a trophy fee will apply (see rate page). Hunter must use his/her own compound bow. All other basic equipment will be provided by the guide. A fully rigged Excalibur crossbow will be available for use by hunter as well. Lodging should be obtained by hunter based on hunting zone. Happy Acres Expeditions typically only guides in Georgia zones 5, 6, 7, and 8. Arrangements may be made for guiding in other zones. Hunter may only bring one guest on the hunt. This guest should be capable of assisting in harvest. Typically, all alligator hunting is done at night from a boat. For more information see the rate page or to discuss this hunt e-mail the guide at